Commercial Vehicle Repair

Commercial Vehicle Repair

Commercial vehicle accident repair

We understand that your vehicle is not just a way of transporting your goods, it’s a profit centre of its own that when off the road is costing you money.

Our workshops have a 20’ aperture providing us with the capabilities to repair any size of vehicle from a small panel van to a high top trailer

With overhead lifting equipment and four post lifts we are equipped to carryout any form of body repair from a minor scrape to a complete truck body rebuild, quickly and efficiently.

LCV Repairs and the ULEZ                                                                              

The ULEZ comes into force in April 2019, it then expands to anywhere within the North and South Circular London ring roads in April 2021.

Many LCV operators have already invested in new vehicles to meet these new emission controls. To maximise payload capabilities most 3.5tonne vehicles with box bodies are now of a lightweight construction.

We regularly undertake repairs from various different manufacturers of this type of equipment, and our considerable levels of both equipment and experience makes us an ideal repairer for this type of build

End Of Lease Repairs

We are approved repairers for many commercial vehicle leasing companies. Do you have a vehicle that’s coming to the end of it’s lease and you want to make sure it meets its return conditions? Anything from a small panel van or a tractor unit, whether it’s only got a few minor scrapes that need repairing or several panels that require replacing, we will ensure that it meets BVRLA off lease return conditions.


We work for and are approved by most leading insurance companies. We are also a VBRA approved bodyshop and work to their guidelines so you can be assured that our work is of the highest standard. All our repair work is guaranteed to manufacturers standards, and we are warranty approved repairers for Several trailer manufacturers including Schmitz Cargobull, Montracon, Lawrence David, Cartwright, Don Bur and Tiger Trailers.