Rather than purchasing new, why not modify your fleet to maximize your investment. Before making a new purchase, come and speak to us, we may be able to offer a viable solution that enables you to keep your existing fleet. There are many possibilities, for example could you benefit from any of the following:

Increasing or reducing the height of your vehicle or trailer body

Fitting side access doors

Removing rear doors and replacing with a roller shutter

Fitting an Internal a sliding bulkhead to your fridge box

Trailer Safety Rails

It’s a legal requirement for employers to consider falls from any height where someone could be injured, and that includes falls from the loading areas of commercial vehicle trailers. As a result, it is now a requirement on many sites for safety rails and straps to be fitted to trailers.

Cooks can retrofit safety rails and straps to any length or size of vehicle or trailer, tailored to suit your individual requirements. These consist of detachable rails, grab handles and stanchion posts fitted into floor sockets.

To comply with load restraint laws on curtainsided trailers, we can fit ENXL load bearing curtains and internal strapping systems

Whatever the modification, you can be sure of quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing from a team that prides itself on excellent service.